April 04, 2011

spring boutique

Here is my set-up. I made the "ladders" all by myself with five 2 x 4's and a power drill. They have two hooks on each "step" and it seemed to work perfect to hold my banner with aprons. Still looks a little "homemade" but I guess that's the point.
I think I sewed too much because I can't seem to want to sit at my sewing machine for too long right now. Need to take a break and play with a different hobby....should I start up carpentry? Believe me...I'm thinking about it, but my husband says I already have too many hobbies.
Here is Celeste at her LemonTree Bead Art booth. Her stuff is so cute! She has started making fabric flowers for necklaces, hair clips, & pins. So fun having craft days like this with her!!! I think we will both be heading back in the fall.


  1. Aack! I can't see your pictures! Is it me or you? I'm dying to see what you are up to!!

  2. I'm with abby - no photos :(

  3. Wow - the photos posted, and I am sooo impressed. Beautiful setup, I love all of the color!!!

  4. I wish I lived closer so I could come shopping! Very cute! I love the homemade ladders by the way, perfect for your setup, good thinkin'! :)