February 02, 2011

knotted rosette tote TUTORIAL

I can't stop making these grommet bags.
They fit SO much stuff.

if you're snowed in like me....make yourself a new

knotted rosette tote

Materials needed: 1 yd exterior
1 yd interior
1 yd Craft Fuse interfacing
4 grommets & grommet pliers
coordinating thread
contrasting fabric for rossettes
1. Cut from exterior & interfacing:
(2) Main 15 x 15 1/2"
(1) side stripe 4 1/2" x 43 1/2"
(2) Handles 3 1/2" x 45"
Cut from interior:
(2) Main 15 x 15 1/2"
(1) side stripe 4 1/2" x 43 1/2"
(2) pocket pieces 6 1/2" x 9 1/2"

2. Apply interfacing to WRONG side of Main pieces.
3. Round bottom edges of exterior & interior main pieces.
4. Find center of handles by folding in half lenghtwise & press. Open and press in 1/4" on both long sides of handles. Press in corners. Fold along center matching up mitered corners & pressed side seams. Pin.
5. Sew close to edges along all sides of handle. Repeat steps 4 & 5 to other handle. Set aside.
6. Place RIGHT sides together of pocket & sew with 1/4" seam to all edges leaving 2" opening at bottom. Trim corners. Turn inside out & press flat. Double topstitch along top edge. Pin at center of interior main. Sew along sides & bottom (closing opening). Backstitch at beginning & end.
7. Pin side stripe RIGHT sides together starting at top edge, rounding corner at bottom, along bottom, rounding other bottom edge, & up side edge. (See picture below). Round around corner as best as you can. May have slight fold or crease. Make it as minimal as possible. Hint: use lots of pins. Sew using 1/2" seam allowance. Repeat to opposite side. Set aside.
8. Repeat step 7 to Main & side stripe. (NOTE: My picture has extra fabric of side stripe at top, your's shouldn't. The linen piece I used was wider fabric. If this happens to you, cut off excess at top).
Turn Main inside out when finished.
9. Make rosettes. Tutorial found here [trey & lucy].
(Thanks Tanya!)
My rossettes are smaller than that.
Turquoise rosette is cut 4"
yellow is 3"
pink is 2"
Attach to main by hand sewing in place. yes...use a needle & thread and sew in place by hand!!
10. Place exterior of fabric INSIDE interior bag so that RIGHT sides are together. Pin around top matching up side seams. Sew around top edge leaving 3" opening at back top edge. Turn inside out. Press flat.
11. Press & pin opening shut. Top stitch around top edge of bag starting at one side seam.
12. Measure placement of grommets. Measure 3 1/2" in from side seams & 1" from top edge (1" mark being CENTER of grommet).
13. Follow instructions on grommet plier package for complete instructions.
14. Repeat to make four total grommet holes on front & back.
15. Insert handles from inside & make knot to secure. Repeat to each side.

Ta-Da! Your very own
knotted rosette tote!!!

This bag is for PERSONAL use ONLY.
Please do not copy pattern or sale finished bag.

If you make this bag, I'd love to hear/see your results!


  1. Skye I have been following your blog for almost a year now (didn't know you had blog stalkers did ya:)) I found it off of Skye L's blog and love your list of things to do all all your fun posts of inspiration! Where do you buy all of your fabric? I have recently become addicted to sewing and would love to sew more but I get so frustrated trying to find material that is a decent price. You and your mom have such cute material!! Thanks :) Breanne (Justin's wife)